PS 578


Primus II Select Control Head


Control for use with MST-67A Enhanced Mode S Transponder (-2001/2101 versions). Complies with Enhanced Elementary Surveillance mandate for Mode S transponders in conjunction with MST-67A (-2001/2101)

FID pushbutton allows entry of alpha numeric flight ID and annunciates FID on display. Direct replacement for KFS-578A controls. Contains all controls required for transponder operation including TEST, STANDBY, ON (transponder), ALTITUDE, VFR, and IDENT

Range control standard; configurable according to version of KFS-578A that is being emulated (KFS-578A ranges: Normal (Limited), Extended, or Select)

Can also serve as aircraft’s TCAS controller for TCAS equipped aircraft. Microprocessor based.

ABOVE/NORMAL/BELOW selects relative altitude display limits for non-threat category aircraft on traffic display

TA selection places the TCAS in the Traffic Advisory mode (TCAS I & II). TA/RA selection places the TCAS in the Traffic Advisory/Resolution Advisory mode (TCAS II). FL (TCAS FLight Level) selection causes the TCAS indicator to change displayed altitude from Relative Altitude to absolute altitude.

Other features:

• Lamps can be powered by 5 Vac, 5 Vdc or 28V dimming source
• Note: Multiple voltage lamp input feature of PS-578A varies from KFS-578A that was version specific for lamp voltage.
• Black or gray faceplate available (see table below)
• White, Amber, or Night Vision Goggle (NVG) display available
• Versions available that provide control of two, individually selected transponders
• Versions available with ON/OFF switch to turn control unit ON or OFF
• Versions available compatible with TCAS I
• Versions available compatible with TCAS II