KI 825


The KI 825 is now available with WAAS vertical deviation display


The KI 825 displays critical navigation information in an easy-to-use, high-resolution presentation. At the touch of a button, a pilot can configure the presentation to display only what’s required for that phase of flight. This capability greatly reduces workload as only the desired information is presented in the pilot’s primary scan. All this is provided by a unique razor-sharp, sunlight-readable, crystal clear display giving you the confidence and capability to make flying easier and more fun.

A Display for Any Situation
We’ve taken the advanced, color LCD display technology and features from some of our best Air Transport, Business Jet and Military products, such as the TRA 45A EGPWS/Radio Altimeter Indicator, and provided it as the base for this new BendixKing EHSI. The high quality, highly reliable display makes viewing the EHSI simple at night or even during the brightest daylight. Features such as auto course slew, Ferris wheel compass card headings, color change of sensor data in approach modes and many others, make the KI 825 a powerful flight management instrument.

Designed for New or Retrofit
The compact single-box design lowers installation costs and the 3 ATI size fits any panel. Designed to interface with the most common systems found in GA, the KI 825 also serves as a replacement for the KI 525A, allowing you to keep costs in check as you upgrade to the latest in GA technology.

System includes KI 825, KCM 100 and installation kit.