KDR 610


Data Link Weather Receiver, KDR 610, brings high-speed textual and graphical weather to your cockpit


BendixKing’s KDR 610 Data Link Weather Receiver brings high speed textual and graphical weather to your cockpit. This new receiver interfaces with the BendixKing KMD 250, KMD 550 and KMD 850 Multi-Function Displays (MFD).

Available weather products include Composite NEXRAD radar as well as Graphical and Textual METARs, TAFs, AIRMETs and SIGMETs. The active flight plan can be overlaid on all graphical weather images. Additionally, the system allows you to pan, zoom and interrogate areas of interest.

Key Benefits of BendixKing KDR 610 XM receiver:

• Complete continental US coverage (regardless of altitude)
• High bandwidth capability
• Timely, graphical weather in the cockpit
• Joystick operation to pan and zoom

How does the system work?
The system is comprised of three hardware components: The KDR 610 receiver, a cockpit display and an antenna (not included with receiver). The KDR 610 receives the signal and then supplies data to the KMD 550, KMD 850 and KMD 250 MFD. The MFD displays data in textual or graphical format so that entire files are sent and received in seconds, assuring you of timely information.

What kind of coverage does this system offer?
No need to request data or wait for a reply, the KMD 550, KMD 850 and KMD 250 automatically update with the latest information whether you are viewing weather on the MFD or not. It works at any altitude in the continental United States, including coverage on the ground. This ensures rapid access to weather and provides the most recent weather information available.