CAS 67A / 67B


First system of its type to have received FAA technical standard order (TSO) approval. Now meets TCAS II/ACAS II Change 7.1 requirements.


CAS 67A TCAS II Enhanced/ACAS II for corporate and regional aviation was the first system of its type to receive FAA technical standard order (TSO) approval. Beginning December 1, 2015 EASA requires aircraft fitted with ACAS II/TCAS II Traffic Systems operating in Europe; must  meet the requirements defined in MOPS Change 7.1 (DO-185B). The CAS 67B now includes Change 7.1 (DO-185B)  offering  all the TCAS II levels of protection required and needed in today’s increasingly complex flight environment.

First, it serves as a moving line of defense against midair collisions. And second, it dramatically increases situational awareness on the flight deck. Simply, CAS 67A TCAS II is designed to provide protection today and well into the future.

Other Features:

• Complies with all worldwide ACAS II/TCAS II requirements
• Advanced technology offers high reliability, built-in testing and software diagnostics
• Manages closing rates of 1200 kts. and 10,000 ft/min. vertical speed
• Escape maneuver coordination
• Multiple display options include EFIS, weather radar and multifunction displays (MFD)