Avidyne IFD540 aviation gps

Key advantages of IFD440 over GTN650



440 has shallow Page & Tab User Interface

– Eliminates nested menus.  You can get to any page in 1 or 2 clicks.

GTN has nested menu system.

– Home page is a graphical nested menu.  Requires running each function as a separate “App” making it difficult to move between different screens without climbing back up to the HOME menu then drilling back down through the pages of each specific app’.

440 has Hybrid Touch

–  Touchscreen + Knobs & Buttons

GTN is touch-only

–  Only one knob and 2 buttons

440 supports Multi Touch

–  Allows for pinch zoom with two fingers

GTN is single-touch only

–  Requires multiple range up/down keystrokes

440 has QWERTY style keyboard

–Dramatically reduces keystrokes for data entry

GTN has linear Alpha panning input

–  Clunky user interface

440 has GeoFill™

–  Avidyne’s innovative feature that accurately nominates or completes entry, reduces keystrokes

GTN has FastFind

–  More cumbersome, requires additional button pushes.

440 has Graphical Airway Building & Procedure Preview

– Very intuitive, with preview, Build flight plans in same order as your clearance

GTN uses menu/text boxes to load Procedures & Airways

 – Less intuitive, No preview before entry.

440 is Direct Replacement for GNS430 series

– Reuse existing tray, backplane , connectors and wiring.

GTN is not a direct replacement

– Requires completely new installation. GTN is also deeper than GNS430 and may not fit in all instances.

IFD440 has Page & Tab User Interface


With Page & Tab, pilots can get to virtually any screen in 1 or 2 clicks. Thre are no nested menus, and no home page to navigate through.


GTN has a icon-based Home page that requires running each function as a separate “App,” making it difficult to move between different screens without climbing back up to the HOME menu then drilling back down through the pages of each specific app.

IFD440 has Hybrid Touch


With Hybrid Touch, the IFD440 maintains 20 knobs and buttons plus a full touch screen. Virtually anything that can be accomplished using the touch screen can also be done using the knobs/buttons and vice-versa, giving the pilot the choice.


GTN limits the pilot with a full touch-only user interface, which can make operation difficult in turbulence, and depending on workload and phase of flight. Pilot has no other option.

IFD440 has Multi Touch


With Multi-Touch, the pilot can easily ‘pinch zoom’ using two fingers to range the map in and out—just like with tablets and smartphones. Makes it easy to get to the desired display range in a single gesture. (Hybrid touch also allows the pilot to change range using the knobs)


GTN requires the pilot to range in and out using the IN/Out soft keys on the screen, in many cases requiring multiple touches to get to a desired display range. (GTN does not have a knob for changing range).

IFD440 has QWERTY Keyboard


The IFD440 features a familiar QWERTY-style keyboard for easy single-touch character entry.


GTN has a linear Alpha panning data entry. Requires two keystrokes to enter virtually every letter of the identifier.

IFD440 has GeoFill™


With GeoFill, the IFD440 accurately predicts the next leg or waypoint on your flight based on its proximity to your current location or the previous waypoint in your flight plan—eliminating irrelevant NAVAIDs and avoiding obviously “bad” choices (too far away)—dramatically reducing the number of pilot actions.

GeoFill can reduce data entry by as much as 75%, dramatically reducing head-down time.


GTN recently-added a FastFind feature, however it still requires additional keystrokes to enter the suggested waypoint.

IFD440 has Airway Flight Planning & Preview


The IFD440 makes Airway entry a snap. As the pilot scrolls through the list of available Airways, the Map instantaneously updates to preview the one currently highlighted.

  1. Push FMS knob and scroll to select the Airway, preview is visible on Map
  2. Push to select, then scroll to highlight the Exit Point and push again. All intermediate waypoints are automatically loaded.

Loading an Airway with the GTN requires many extra steps including:

  1. Select “Load Airway” button (no map visible)
  2. Select desired Airway
  3. Select Exit Point
  4. Now can choose to ‘Preview’ it (after you have already selected it)
  5. Then you have to ‘Load’ it to Flightplan

Detailed Comparison Chart

Avidyne IFD440 Garmin GNS430W Garmin GTN650
Physical Size (inches) 2.65H x 6.25W x 11D 2.65H x 6.25W x 11D 2.65H x 6.25W x 11.25D
System Weight 6.60lbs 6.60lbs 7.0lbs
Display Size 4.75 x 1.75-inch (640 x 235) 3.3 x 1.8-inch (240 x 128) 4.46 x 1.98-inch (600 x 266)
Number of Colors 65,535 8 65,535
Slide-In Replacement for GNS430 Yes Yes No
Touch Screen for most functions Yes No Yes
Knobs/Buttons for most functions Yes Yes No
High-Resolution Terrain Graphics Yes No Yes
MultiTouch Capabilty for Pinch Zoom Yes No No
WAAS GPS Capability 16-Channel Gamma 3 15-Channel Gamma 3 15-Channel Gamma 3
Flight Plans 99 FlightPlans 20 FlightPlans 99 FlightPlans
Waypoints / Flight Plan 128 Waypoints ea 31 Waypoints ea 100 Waypoints ea
Victor Airway Flight Planning Yes Yes Yes
Graphical Airway building Yes No No
GeoFill Yes No No
Procedure Preview – Preview of SIDs, STAR, Approaches before entry into Flt Plan Yes No No
Easy Entry Hold at any point Yes No No
Rubberband Flight Plan Editing Yes No Yes
Touchscreen Keyboard for Data Entry Intuitive QWERTY Keyboard No Linear ABC panning Keyboard
All data subject to change. Competitive data based on available website information.