All prices are in USD. Shipping, brokerage, customs duties, and applicable taxes are not included in your online order. You can also order parts, components, and other products by phone at 1-604-465-5008 or by email at We will confirm your requirements and ensure that your order is filled quickly.

After your online order is processed, one of our staff will contact you to setup a Purchase Order. All orders must be sent on a Company purchase order. After your online order is processed, one of our staff will contact you to setup a Purchase Order. We will contact you to confirm your company name, address, and shipping details including your account number, EIN number (for customers in the US), the ship to address (if different than purchaser), and your shipping account number. All products are sent FOB Vancouver. We can ship by ground or air, using all major couriers, airlines, bus, and other ground transportation. Your order will be shipped upon receipt of payment. We offer several different methods of advanced payment (wire transfer, Visa and MasterCard).

All parts are sold with a 14 day satisfaction warranty. For all new, repaired and overhauled items Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty applies. If a part is unsatisfactory, please advise us within 14 days of delivery and we will repair or replace the part pursuant to our warranty at no charge to the customer. For any parts returned to us for a refund that to do not fall under a warranty policy, we reserve the right to charge 20% restocking charge on refunded parts. All freight, insurance and custom charges are the responsibility of the customer. All items are subject to prior sale.

Overhauled Exchange Policy
All exchange prices are quoted based on receipt of an acceptable core within 15 calendar days from invoice date. Acceptable cores are defined as units that are identically configured and equivalent in mod status to those provided on exchange. Cores are to be normal run outs (time expired) and not subjects of severe stress or heat as in major engine failure, fire, crash, water submersion, cannibalization, inept repair, abnormal wear, etc. For units that require parts and repairs in excess of ‘flat rate’ criteria (above normal), additional charges will apply. If return unit is found beyond economical repair and customer cannot supply an acceptable core in a timely manner, the outright sale price will apply. Outright sale being the sum of exchange price and core charge. In some cases, an upfront core deposit may be required.

Core Return Policy
A complete uncanniballized non-incident related core must be received within 15 calendar days of our invoice date. Unit may have been determined B.E.R. by prior inspection. We may consider alternate manufacturer units and those with similar part numbers but equal or great core value, as acceptable cores. Please call to verify acceptance before returning the core unit.