Heliproducts Industries Ltd. is currently introducing purpose built AS350 Helicopters. Specific, custom helicopters to suit specific customer needs. Our helicopters will meet all the customers operational roles, as specified by them, at a lower capital cost and a lower operational cost. This is of course completed to meet or exceed all OEM specifications. Heliproducts can source, inspect, consult, advise, research, and assist with all areas of purchase, lease and sale of AS350 and AS355 helicopter line.

Generally our helicopters enter the “purpose built” facility, with key operational interests in mind. A utility or vertical reference and production helicopter needs much different equipment than a fully corporate helicopter. A medivac helicopter needs much different role equipment and systems than a tour helicopter. A tour helicopter may need excellent interior fittings and comfortable seating. A utility helicopter may not need any interior and require extra light seating. Heliproducts can assist to understand all hourly, calendar, cycle, TB, SB, and AD requirements.

Heliproducts Industries Ltd. can provide an AS350 overview of all of the helicopter models, and our spec sheet describes and compares all models. For more information on our new line of custom helicopters, please contact us by telephone at (604) 465-5008 or feel free to email us anytime at info@heliproducts.com.

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