Heliproducts Industries provides import, export and management services for clients worldwide.  Air and Ground services are available on request.

You will be guided and assisted through every stage of the process. Every helicopter transaction must be specifically optimised to the customer’s needs. Experience has shown that it can make a dramatic difference to the enjoyment of ownership if all these requirements are correctly anticipated and specified from the initial stages of the order to delivery.

Heliproducts Industries Ltd., specializes in Airbus Helicopters, with 100’s of collective year of experience. We offer aircraft owners, and potential aircraft owners, all the benefits of its experience and knowledge to help get this vital stage correct.

Having developed excellent relationships with the major helicopter manufacturers we can assist you through the involved processes of build, aircraft acceptance, registration and delivery.

The following is an example of a customer’s Import from Airbus in the USA to Canada.

Purchasing a New or Used Helicopter

It can take time ordering a brand new helicopter and sometimes a suitable helicopter may be available elsewhere. Many used helicopters offer a viable alternative, provided a thorough survey is completed, project management is on hand to bring the airframe up to the standards of equipment fit required by the new owner and the helicopter is fit for its intended use.

Heliproducts Industries Ltd., has successfully sourced and project managed several many helicopter acquisitions, through importation, eport, refit and re-registration. Buying the correct used helicopter at the right time and right price is always critical to meeting your long objectives.

As you can see, purchasing, maintaining and operating a helicopter is not simple. It is important for owners to seek professional advice when interested in purchasing a helicopter. We are here to help in the process and will only offer discreet and impartial advice.

For more on our Import/Export and Helicopter Management services, call 604.465.5008 or email info@heliproducts.com