Helicopter missions require constant connectivity for passengers and crew, both voice and data. When you’re beyond line of sight or beyond VHF coverage area, you need dependable, reliable high-speed data connectivity. In challenging environments, low latency voice, real-time data transfer and aircraft tracking empower pilots to complete their missions successfully and safely.

Honeywell is responding to these challenges with the Aspire 200™ Satellite Communications System for helicopters. Providing a single channel of SwiftBroadband, the Aspire 200 system offers a broad range of connectivity options to suit a wide variety of mission requirements. These systems operate on the Inmarsat I-4 satellite network, which has worldwide coverage.

With the certified High-Data Rate (HDR) software upgrade, incorporating a long-burst interleaver, the Aspire 200 is ideal choice for helicopter operators who need high-speed and highbandwidth connectivity for mission-critical applications.

The system is designed with common interfaces that provide flexible installation options and ease of upgrade to further increase the system’s capabilities. Honeywell’s performance is unmatched and unparalleled. The Aspire 200 System with HDR can transmit more data, faster than any other L-band system. No matter your mission – Air Ambulance, Law Enforcement, Oil and Gas, Search and Rescue, VIP Transport – or your area of operations, the Aspire 200 system provides a highspeed data connection that is always on.

Heliproducts Industries Ltd provided the AS350 helicopter and installation services for the first Airbus Helicopters Aspire kit. FAA flight testing and certification was completed in Pitt Meadows BC Canada. Honeywell has now been issued the FAA STC with TCCA pending.

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Aspire 200