As announced at the HAI in Orlando Fl, our company has committed to a major purchase of engine kits from Soloy Aviation Solutions to provide full fly in, fly out service in regards to the AS350B2 / LTS 101-700D-2 conversions.

Currently we are offering an exchange program and outright sales based on the AS350 helicopters. All owners of AS350 helicopters including the BA (SD1) and B2 (SD2) , can fly to our facility, exchange with credit towards their Arriel Engine (prorated based on the time remaining and the engine value) and fly out with a complete Soloy kit installed with TSO 0.0 LTS 101 engine. We currently have 2 helicopters in our facility for complete re-furbish and conversion.

Stand alone kits can be made available allowing customers to install themselves – and your aircraft can be turned around in as little as two
weeks. Exchange is installed in accordance with STC# SR01647SE (AS350B2) or STC#SR00805SE (AS350BA).

Some Notes About Our Current Program:

  • Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters has flown 20,000 HRS on the new LTS 101 engines.
  • At the moment, Honeywell and Soloy are both producing 5 kits per month.
  • Installation is under an STC# keeping the original helicopter Type Certificate and Data Plate in place.
  • Kit Engines are TSO 0.0 with most internal parts TSN 0.0. Engine warranty is 1000 HRS / 2 Years.
  • No T2 blade change or INTERVENTION as is required with the TM engine.
  • The LTS 101-700D2 & LTS 101-600A3A (AS 350BA) engine includes on-condition/1800HR inspection
  • The LTS 101-700D2 engine greatly increases the hr & cycle limits of the major internal components to 10,000-15,000 HRS & 15,000-25,000 CYCLES. This is a major cost savings when calculating DOC.
  • The LTS 101-700D2 engine will burn 6-8% less fuel based on standard conditions (Reported). One helicopter could save $10,000-$20,000 / yr.
  • As fuel cost increases, the engine fuel savings increases.
  • The LTS engine has more Ng reserve and more T4 reserve for better Hot and High performance!
  • AFS inlet barrier filter kit is approved without restrictions under the Soloy STC.
  • All LTS series engines are field maintainable and can be repaired by the owner / operator.
  • A fixed 1800 hr inspection / overhaul can be provided by Honeywell Aerospace Greer SC with a max . cost $75-150K USD @ 3600.0 HRS, including 1000 HR/ 2 year warranty. (Engine could be billed less than Max. cost)
  • 1800 hr inspections can be performed by the operator.

Honeywell & Independent engine shops are extensive – this means more options to the end user: Honeywell Greer, Precision Fuel Components LLC, PHI Tech Service Inc., Keystone Helicopter, Motorflug, Intermountain Turbine Services Inc., Air Gear International, Sabreliner Corporation, Honeywell – Singapore, Aero Propulsion Support, Inc., Oceania Aviation, Helicopters Italia, and more.

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