Now in production at our facility in Pitt Meadows is the AS350SD-2 helicopter. This FAA and Transport Canada approved STC converts the AS350B2 using Honeywell’s LTS 101-700D-2 engine. Our work will include a complete refurbishment beginning with the bare airframe, include a 12 year inspection, rework of all parts, avionics modifications, and new paint.

Honeywell’s LTS101-700D-2 is the latest model of the LTS101 engine installed in the AStar. It is designed to provide more than a 14 percent take-off power improvement at sea level and 18 percent at hot day conditions by the introduction of a new gas producer turbine assembly when compared to the LTS101-600A-3A. The cooled GP turbine not only increases available power, it increases GP disk life from 6,300 to 15,000 cycles, resulting in reduced operating costs. The LTS101-700D-2 engine also incorporates an updated reduction gear-set and improved gearbox. These changes reduce accumulated power turbine cycles by 35 percent and increase torque limits by 6 percent.

STC SR01647SE approves the installation of the Honeywell LTS101-700D-2 engine in the AS350B2 replacing the original Turbomeca Arriel 1D1. This allows operators to cut operating costs immediately due to a marked reduction in fuel consumption, maintenance inspection, & overhaul costs as well as improved serviceability provided by this ‘on condition’ powerplant.

The LTS101 engine family has accrued more than eight million hours of in flight operation. Honeywell has continuously improved this product through the infusion of recent technologies and upgrades.

Unlike the previous 1D1 engine, all required maintenance and time continued inspection intervals on the Honeywell engine are manageable by the operator. The LTS 101 engines on-condition TBO requirement and economical 1800 hour periodic inspection represents savings to the owner/operators.

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