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We provide pre-owned helicopters for sale or lease including in house completions and customizations that include paint, structures, avionics, maintenance, import/export, and shipping.

Operating leases are a form of ‘off-balance-sheet’ asset financing. Many organisations prefer to keep assets off their balance sheet in order to keep their overall debt-to-equity ratios low, but there are many other practical benefits:

Low down payment – Leasing contracts include lower down payments than normally required with debt financing. You simply pay a fixed monthly ‘rental’ for the term of the lease and hand the helicopter back at the end of the term.

No residual value risk – With an operating lease we take on the risk associated with the residual value of the helicopter at the end of the lease.

No balloon payment – under the terms of debt financing there is often a ‘balloon payment’ at the end of the loan. With leasing there is no balloon payment. The lease payments just stop at the end of the lease.

Flexible use of assets – We arrange short or long-term leases according to your needs, further reducing the risk profile of your financing strategy. The lease rates payable depend on the equipment chosen and the length of the lease.

Access to the latest technology – you benefit from the advance commitment we have made to complete a customized Airbus Helicopter. As owners and a full service Transport Canada, FAA, EASA approved AMO we fully understand and fully support our helicopters.

You receive custom 24/7 support. We customize the helicopter for your requirements, not the OEM’s manufacturing requirements.

We specialize in the Airbus Helicopters series, and have delivered our helicopters worldwide. Call us for more information at 604.465.5008.

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