Paint / Refinishing

Heliproducts Industries Ltd. can customize paint to your exact specifications. CAD design of paint schemes are available prior to painting your aircraft.

We use OEM approved processes including a base coat / clear coat system for maximum durability.  We can match most custom color codes, from any paint manufacture, and scan any color to match.

Our state of the art refinishing spray booth, mixing lab, and prep center are part of our facilities at the Pitt Meadows Airport. This system is used to provide high quality refinishing in a controlled environment.

Our facilities include fire suppression systems that adhere to NFPA regulations to ensure safety is held to the highest standard and ensuring our customers assets are fully protected.

A quality refinishing job starts with the proper preparation. We truly take this to heart by providing a fresh start to any airframe by removing all existing layers therefore reducing weight, increasing longevity and providing quality corrosion protection.

Aircraft are stripped allowing maintenance personnel to carry out an effective evaluation of the substrate and to reveal any problems that may exist below the coating surfaces.

We use aircraft manufacturer approved chemical and abrasive stripping agents to ensure compatibility. Aircraft are primed in a controlled environment providing superior adhesion, prior the final painting process.

If your goal is designing a new paint scheme or you’re adapting a paint scheme from another aircraft, our design team is hear to help. We will create a CAD design of your paint scheme, allowing you to easily visualize the final product.

Call us at 1.604.465.5008 for more information on our refinishing services.

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For more information on our paint/refinishing services, email or call  604.465.5008.