Heliproducts can perform major repairs and inspections including complete maintenance support packages, rebuilds and refurbishments, and new aircraft completions with custom interiors.

We specialize in full heavy maintenance, repair, and modification, with complete customization services in house. Our preferred method of completion is started with a full teardown of the entire helicopter.

We provide real-time tracking of the complete process using computer controlled tracking systems, and house all technical and historical data digitally for the customer and operators review and trace.

Through this process, a truly systematic approach is taken to review and update the entire serviceability of the helicopter.  Without this process, you could be operating a helicopter with many unknowns as the history and condition of items that have not been removed or inspected.

Since a full build-up review is generally only completed at the time of manufacturing, the Heliproducts Completion gives an “as new” condition but saving 20 – 30% of the OEM new price when starting with a used helicopter.

STC Kits

Heliproducts is your source for STC kits developed for the AS350/AS355/EC130 line of Airbus Helicopters. As Airbus Helicopters owners and maintenance providers we have developed STC kits with the owner/operator and installer/service provider in mind. Our kits will meet OEM standards for quality, installation, documentation and functionality verses other STC providers.

Full support provided directly by us – contact Heliproducts directly. To view our current STC information visit our STC Support page, please click here.

STC Library

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Support Services

Heliproducts Industries Ltd. provides full warranty on parts, sales, and helicopters. We pride ourselves in our workmanship and agree that backing our products is of the utmost importance. Our products and services, together with your safety and our collective reputations is key to a successful mutual business cooperation and complete customer satisfaction.

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Full detailed quotes available. We will ensure you receive a fixed quote the first time. Heliproducts will confirm all required works, additional inspection items, upgrade possibilities, airworthiness concerns, and any extra costs prior to deliver of any work quote. From time to time, an inspection of your helicopter on-site may be required to ensure we understand fully the tasks at hand.

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