12 Year Inspections

A 12-Year Inspection resets the inspection cycles to zero and allows the aircraft to be completely updated by incorporating the newest available parts, modifications and compliance requirements meeting Transport Canada, EASA and Federal Aviation Administration requirements.

Having the 12-Year Inspection performed by Heliproducts offers numerous advantages, not the least of which are factory trained technicians. Heliproducts offers on-site repair of composite panels, structures, avionics, components, and full paint facilities – all performed by skilled technicians using the latest tools and test equipment. Upon completion and delivery, the completed helicopter will perform and value as a new helicopter, without the price of new. Options can be made available to upgrade or renew drive components and engine(s) at time of induction.

Engine work, Component Overhaul and Major Frame Repairs are available close by at Standard Aero Limited, and Safran Engine Services.  Aircraft inspected and repaired at Heliproducts are returned to service in turn-key condition. Customers can expect to spend one or two days reviewing aircraft records and conducting an acceptance flight.

Scheduling a 12-Year Inspection with Heliproducts enables an operator’s maintenance staff to focus on the daily tasks of keeping in-service aircraft flight ready. Operators can count on high-quality inspection and repairs with quick turnaround times due to pre-planned parts supply coordination and advanced scheduling of facility resources and personnel. Customer-requested equipment changes and upgrades can also be pre-planned.

As part of the inspection, Heliproducts can refinish with aircraft a state-of-the-art custom paint, avionics, and interior. The result is an aircraft returned to service efficiently and ready for many years of continued safe, effective and cost-efficient operations. Warranty is provided on completion of the 12 Year inspection including OEM manufactures warranties, equipment manufacturer warranties, and Heliproducts maintenance warranties.

NOTE: Major inspection gives the helicopter a new TBO determined in the Airbus Helicopters (MSM). It must be carried out with particular care in a specialized workshop.

This task includes all operations required to carry out a structural check of the helicopter. It is aimed at giving an inspection plan detailed in a logical order. Operators may adapt it to their own means provided all the requested operations are carried out.

Preparing for the inspection includes review of:

• assemblies or equipment approaching their OTL: OTL, SLL, TBO (PRE/MSN)
• equipment requiring special verification
• modifications to be carried out
• assemblies to be drained
• anomalies reported on aircraft forms
• Carry out all previous inspections and/or maintenance operations required in the (MSM)

The major inspection interval is 144 months. The major inspection interval must be observed independently from the basic inspection interval.

At 144 months, for helicopters with a relatively low utilization rate, and in addition to the major inspection operations, it is recommended to perform the content of the basic inspection and its multiples as well as all the operations outside the inspection cycle, even if the limits do not coincide exactly, in order to start a full cycle.

The major inspection is focused on detailed monitoring if the entire aircraft. Following this inspection, the airframe is released for another 144 months of operation.

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