The KI 300 Flight Director Indicator is an electronic replacement for your current 3 inch KI 256/255 Flight Director Indicator or KG 258 Attitude Indicator. It provides the same operation and interface with a modern LCD display and MEMS Attitude Reference Sensors. The internal battery provides more than one hour operation, eliminating the need for a backup vacuum gyro:

• Will be certified as sole source 3-axis attitude reference for Autopilot
• Adds a TSO’d Airspeed, Altitude and Slip and (I)VSI indicators
• Replaces KI 255, KI 256, and KG 258 attitude indicators
• Optional Yaw Rate Replicates KRG 330 and 331 yaw rate sensors
• Input: 11 to 32 Volts Direct Current
• In panel Autopilot Alignment and Air Data calibration simplifies installation and maintenance
• Supported Flight Control Systems are KAP 100/150/200, KFC150/200/225/250/275
• Simple Installation Under an AML STC


Characteristic Specification
TSO compliance FAA TSO C2d (Type B), C3e, C4c, C8E (Type B), C10b
(Type I), C113a, C198, C201 (A5 HX T7)
Design Assurance Level DO-178 Level C
Operating temperature -20°C to +55°C
Altitude up to 35,000ft
Airspeed 30-400 Kts
Width x Height x Length W 3.5in x H 3.2in x L 7.5in (89mm x 81mm x 190mm)
Weight 1.5 lbs (680g)
Operating voltage +11.0 to 32.0 VDC
Power 35 Watts
Backup battery Internal Battery provides nominal 2 hour backup