The Airbus Helicopters AS 355 N is a twin-engine helicopter. It is driven by two Turbomeca ARRIUS 1A engines of 520 hp each (388Kw) and is equipped with a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Control) system for easy and safe piloting. The performance of its engines makes the AS 355 N the ideal twin-engine helicopter for all transport operations over urban areas, mountains or water by day or night. Particularly light for a twin-engine aircraft, it is ideal for precision aerial work.

This helicopter was purchased in SE Asia and shipped via Ocean freight to our facility.

Full 12 Year Calendar inspection completed. All hourly and calendar inspections completed. Extensive work including paint, avionics, structures, composite repair carried out.

All Airworthiness Directives up to date. No Damage History.

SB 05.00.72 “Check for corrosion between rear structure side stainless plates” complied with, new skins installed by Vector Aerospace – Airbus Helicopters approved Level D Service Center.

Further updates including paint, STC equipment installation, avionics, and the interior were completed at our full completion center AMO #83-05 from our facility at the Pitt Meadows Airport.

Cruising speed: 230km/hr (124kts)
Maximum speed: 278 km/hr (150kts)
Sliding or removable door
Maximum load: 1163 kg
Maximum cargo swing load: 1134 kg
Transport: pilot + 6 passengers (+ luggage space)
Film: pilot + cameraman + 2 passengers
Photo: pilot + photographer + 2 passengers
Lifting: pilot + 1 crew member
Cargo: pilot + 3m³ of in-cabin loading.

Full Paint Facility. Ability to customize to your exact paint scheme.

Full Avionics Facility. Add the Latest technology to your helicopter