Airbus Helicopters AS355F2R with an upgraded C20R enhanced engine. The C20R version has a more efficient compressor that produces an additional 30 hp and has lower fuel consumption. The engine gives a greatly improved One Engine Inoperative (OEI) and hot and high performance, which can be further enhanced by the optimisation CEB’s which can increase the power margin by up to 18%.

These STCs were prepared by American Eurocopter, in conjunction with Eurocopter France, Rolls Royce Allison, the FAA and the DGAC.


• Rolls Royce 250 C20R upgrade
• SL40 Comm1
• SL 40 Comm2
• Electric Anti Ice
• A/F Fuel Filter
• AMS43
• Auto Relight
• GPS 495
• AHC Squirrel Cheeks
• Cargo Mirror
• Facet Oil Filters
• Tail Boom Strake
• Rear Shoulder Harness Seat Belts
• Vert Ref Window
• Bearpaws
• Tanis Heater Kit

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