Airbus Helicopters AS355N completion delivered. Heliproducts Industries completes full upgrades on this Airbus Helicopters AS355N. Heliproducts completed the following work on this AS355N with Turbomeca Arrius 1A Engines.

• Complete 12 Year Major inspection
• Complete Custom airframe paint scheme per customer specs using PPG Base / Clear paint
• Complete Custom equipment and avionics installed including Garmin, Technisonic, AEM
• New Technisonic TDFM136B radio installation, Project 25 compliant
• Installation of overhauled drivetrain
• Installation of STC equipment, including utility items
• Complete new Nav / Com systems – Garmin GTR225, NAT AMS 44
• New Garmin GTN650H GPS with remote Com and Tranponder installation
• Sat. Tracker system
• Kannad 406H ELT
• 3000 TBO Arrius Engines
• New Interior
• Onboard cargo swing w/ Load cell

The AS 355 N is a twin-engine helicopter. It is driven by two Turbomeca ARRIUS 1A engines of 520 hp each (388Kw) and is equipped with a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Control) system for easy and safe piloting. The performance of its engines makes the AS 355 N the ideal twin-engine helicopter for all transport operations over urban areas, mountains or water by day or night. Particularly light for a twin-engine aircraft, it is ideal for precision aerial work.

Cruising speed: 230km/hr (124kts)
Maximum speed: 278 km/hr (150kts)
Sliding or removable door
Maximum load: 1163 kg
Maximum cargo swing load: 1134 kg

Cabin Capacity
Transport: pilot + 6 passengers (+ luggage space)
Film: pilot + cameraman + 2 passengers
Photo: pilot + photographer + 2 passengers
Lifting: pilot + 1 crew member
Cargo: pilot + 3m³ of in-cabin loading.

This helicopter can be equipped with specific equipment for various professional missions: slings, harnesses, emergency floatation systems, all certified gyrostabilised systems for aerial shoots.


12 Year Inspection Progress

Paint Scheme Applied

Overhauled Components installed

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