AS350 and AS355 – RENEW YOUR FLEET. ORDER Like NEW from HELIPRODUCTS. Time to complete another AS NEW condition helicopter, without the price of factory brand new, call us about a fleet renewal program where your asset stays in the fleet and after a visit to Heliproducts returns as a like new helicopter.

Benefits to keeping your fleet:

• Known Aircraft are easiest to continue within your operational systems, local airworthiness approvals, contractual approvals and your customers own recognition and comfort level.

• All tracking from accounting to maintenance, registrations, advertising, training, pilot requirements remain in place.

• Operational equipment and pilot awareness remains in place for the known helicopter model.

• No need in recognizing taxable gain on the sale of the old assets. The taxes which otherwise would have been due from the sale are thus deferred.

• Replacement costs, insurances, training, legal and banking liabilities likely to increase with full replacement of an aircraft model / type.

Thanks to the exceptional skills of our team and the complete selections of replacement parts, components, stc kits and engines, we bring new life and usefulness to proven helicopters. From new instruments and interiors to structural and components repairs, Heliproducts Industries has the experience and know-how to put previously used and legacy helicopters back into the sky.

Heliproducts Industries Ltd provides a full range of Airbus Helicopters support services at our Pitt Meadows Airport facility. We pride ourselves in very custom completed helicopters based on the operators direct needs, with every detail provided, without adding unwanted equipment, systems, weight, and cost.

Through complete equipment, tooling and dedicated maintenance hangars, we are equipped to support both domestic and international customers. FOR THIS PROJECT – We receive a relatively low time AS350B2 for it’s first 12 Year Major Inspection equipped as: Airbus Helicopters AS350 B2. Turbomeca Arriel 1D1 engine.

To include upon completion:

• Full disassembly of helicopter and return to AS NEW condition
• Full OEM structural, composite inspection and repair
• Full Paint of entire helicopter, airframe, systems, parts, interior and exterior
• Repair of electrical / avionics systems to AS NEW.
• Includes full CAD wire diagrams.
• Full Airworthiness, SB, TU, and Modification review and update
• Major Airbus Helicopters Airframe Inspection
• 12 year inspection, includes all calendar & hourly
• Full Engine review, repair & update by approved Overhaul Level 4 facility.
• Full post maintenance checks & delivery post check flights
• RH Sliding Door, L/H Normal Door
• ECL Squirrel Cheek / Side Baggage Pod – L/H
• Aerodyne Engine monitor mini HUMS
• Onboard Cargo swing hook w/ Load cell
• 15amp /50amp Long line kit.
• ECL Mirror
• Custom Paint, entire helicopter and parts.
• Custom Interior
• Custom New Instrument Panel overlay CNC
• Energy Seats – Complete SB Installation
• Garmin GPS
• Satellite tracker. TDFM 136B 25mz FM Radio.
• AMS 42, GTR225, Kannad 406 ELT, GTX330 Mode S Xpdr.
• Aspen PFD H
• Pulselight
• Concorde Battery
• Eagle / Geneva P122 Switch Panel Console
• New Airbus and Tech Tool Windows
• AHC Extra Large sling window
• Bear Paws
• Airframe Fuel Filter
• AFS Engine Inlet Filter
• High Vis Main Rotor Blades
• Heliproducts LED lighting Kit.
• High Vis MR Blade Paint Scheme
• ECL MR Blade Tie Down
• Dart Liter Kit Fixed Provisions
• Hour Meter
• Engine Module Overhauls with Test Cell prior to install