Spidertxt 2.0 – Don’t wait for your aircraft to be in the wrong place.

Flight plan changes that are not communicated cost operators thousands of dollars every year. With Spidertxt 2.0 you can communicate those changes to your aircraft – no matter where they are.

What is Spidertxt 2.0?

A complete rebuild of our first-generation messaging service, Spidertxt 2.0 is a two-way communications tool that allows aviation businesses to stay connected to their aircraft, no matter where they are.

Why Spidertxt 2.0?

• Reliable worldwide reception
• Multi-platform communications
• Designed for aviation businesses
• No additional hardware required
• Unlimited communication, one price

With Spidertxt 2.0 you can message aircraft-to-aircraft, aircraft-to-ground, and ground-to-ground — from anywhere in the world.