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Transport Canada approved VHF-FM transceiver (similar model but not limited to TDFM 136B programmable transceiver or equivalent) capable of programming and retaining 99 or more channels e of operating on 138.0 – 174.0 MHz transmit-and-receive with full access to CTCSS sub-audible tones, Network Access Codes (NAC) and be switchable by the operator to any of the 32 standard CTCSS tones or one of the 4096 NAC codes and capable of narrow banding and a minimum of one guard channel.

Note: Various Firenet sites throughout the Canada and USA have been upgraded to digital Project 25 compliant. The sites are backward compatible being that they can operate in Analog Narrowband or Digital P25 modes. This providing greater flexibility to the Firenet radio system offering multimode communication along with increased coverage in certain cases, increased traffic loading and segregation and the potential for better interoperability. The P25 feature at this time will only be utilized where radio traffic is heavy and isolation is required and only at sites that have the capability. The Digital Project 25 compliant frequencies will be used on an as needed basis for the 2016 season. When digital frequencies are required, those aircraft equipped with digital capability will be the preferred hired. Digital Project 25 compliant VHF-FM transceivers will be required equipment for the 2017 fire seasontdfm

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