AS350 Flight Simulator ELITE TH-100 at Heliproducts




ELITE TH-100 AS350 Simulator Time – Introduction 30 Mins of Flight
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An in house fully-featured sin­gle tur­bine heli­copter sim­u­la­tor based on the Airbus AS350. This sys­tem fea­tures life-size, high-resolution instru­ments, lighted-Bendix/King Sil­ver Crown style avion­ics, Garmin 430 WAAS sim­u­la­tion, instruc­tor sta­tion, and exter­nal visual sys­tem with large-screen dis­plays as stan­dard equip­ment. It uti­lizes an open and opti­mized struc­tural con­struc­tion that is strong and rigid, yet thin enough to fit through a stan­dard door open­ing for easy trans­port and inte­gra­tion. The high-fidelity flight model will allow you to per­form many com­plex maneu­vers and pro­ce­dures, every­thing from the startup to the shut­down check­lists.

• Cyclic, Col­lec­tive, levers for Rotor Brake, Fuel Flow, and Fuel Shut­off
• Anti-torque ped­als
• High-resolution instru­ment panel dis­play screen
• Built-in pilot seat
• Bendix/King Sil­ver Crown Avion­ics
• Inte­grated vir­tual GNS430 WAAS GPS
• Full autopi­lot capa­bil­ity with Flight direc­tor and nav­i­ga­tion cou­pling to VOR & GPS.
• 55-inch LCD mon­i­tors with cus­tom stands
• Graph­i­cal Instructor’s Sta­tion with desk