Upgrade and update your Airbus Helicopters AS350, H125, EC 130 and AS355 helicopters. Heliproducts is a full service Transport Canada, FAA and EASA approved AMO #83-05 and MRO working directly with OEM’s, optional equipment suppliers, and all industry professions to bring you the best helicopter support. Heliproducts is a full completion and delivery center located at the Pitt Meadows Airport C-YPK.

We specialize in the Airbus Helicopters AS350 and AS355 series, bringing you our best attention, with the customer in mind, throughout the maintenance and repair process. As helicopter owners ourselves, we understand the necessity to provide all customers with an exceptional product. We are committed to completions on budget and on time, with the safety of the helicopter and its operator as our primary concern.

We help keep your Airbus series helicopters in as new condition. We help as a complete service provider to carry out inspections, upgrades, model conversions, paint, avionics, structures repairs, STC installations, interior upgrades, and overall helicopter condition improvements.

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Our Experience

Heliproducts AMEs collectively hold OEM level training in the following helicopters EC225, EC155, EC135, EC130B4, H125, BO105, SA315B, EC120, AS350 Series, AS355 Series as well as S76, MD500 and Bell 206. Our Licensed AMEs “M” Maintenance personnel collectively hold over 100+ years of experience, Avionics separately over 25 years, Components 20+ years, Paint / Refinishing 25 years, and Structures 40+ years.

Comprehensive Maintenance

Heliproducts can perform major repairs and inspections including complete maintenance support packages, rebuilds and refurbishments, and new aircraft completions with custom interiors. Heliproducts can also perform airframe and avionic refits / upgrades, airframe conversions and upgrades, STC installation structures, and upgrades to glass cockpits and avionics. Structure repair capabilities including Composite. Complete paint capabilities. Field support and repair services are also available.

AS355N build up2

We specialize in full heavy maintenance, repair and modification, with complete customization services in house. Our preferred method of completion is started with a full tear down of the entire helicopter. We provide real time tracking of the complete process using many computer controlled tracking systems, and house all aircraft technical and historical data digitally for the customer and operators review and trace.

Through this process, a true systematic approach is taken to review and update the entire serviceability of the helicopter. Without this process, you could be operating a helicopter with many unknowns as the the history and condition of items that have not been removed or inspected. Since a full build up review is generally only completed at time of Manufacture, the Heliproducts Completion gives an “as new” condition, but saving 20 – 30% of the OEM new price when starting with a used helicopter.


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Avionics Upgrades, Installations, CAD layout, CAD diagrams. OEM Dealership Sales.

Complete rewire, rework and design capabilities including upgrading NAV / Comm radio package to the latest standards, GPS installation with moving map (XM satellite weather and radio) and custom instrument panel design.

We also perform TCAS and TIS traffic advisory installations and Forestry and USA OAS equipment installations. Heliproducts can perform new technology upgrades including Digital Gyro Horizon installation, 406 Mhz ELT installation, Electronic News Gathering, Laser Wire Processing, and FLIR, WESCAM, and CINEFLEX camera installations. Engineering and certification capability.

We are a certified installer and reseller of most avionics OEM brands such as – Honeywell Aerospace – NAT – Technisonic – AEM – EMS Skyconnect – TRIG – Spidertracks – Jupiter Avionics.

Avionics Layout

Heliproducts Industries Ltd. can customize a glass cockpit or standard instrument panel to your exact specifications. New trends include Synthetic Vision technology with Terrain Awareness and automatic warning system, HUMS, Video systems and Satellite tracking systems. Build Safety into your aircraft. Provide the best solutions for your end user / client.


Heliproducts will produce Custom CAD designed wire diagrams with all installations. This will ensure up to date information for your reference and allow maintenance operations ease. Troubleshooting time is greatly reduced having current diagrams and the Heliproducts “captioned equipped” incorporated into the drawing for reference. This is another way we add value to your helicopter systems.

We recommend re-wire of as much as possible during a major inspection or major avionics upgrade to prevent future loss of availability and costly troubleshooting. Realize the value immediately with proper avionics design, documentation, and installation.


Avionics Systems





Avionics Repair

Repair and installation of new Radio and equipment installations on site. Wire Marking and assembly with new OEM parts including new Airbus Helicopters factory parts. Customization and layout design services available before installation. Canada and USA Forestry compliant systems available.


Component Repair

Repair and installation of components on site. OEM approved repair. Assembly with new OEM parts including new Airbus Helicopters factory parts. 6Year and 12 Year Corrosion Inspections, 3000 HR Inspections. M/R Mast repair, M/R Swashplate repair, Bevel inspection, Rotorbrake, AVA, Landing Gear damper, T/R Hub, T/R Spider, TGB inspection, Hydraulic Drive inspection. CALL for OUTRIGHT, EXCHANGE, and RENTAL.

MGB 12year Check

Mast 12 Year Check

MR Shaft 6 Year

Structures and Composite Repair

Repair and installation of structures and compositse on site. OEM approved hot bonding repair and Vacuum composite repair. Assembly with new OEM parts including new Airbus Helicopters factory parts. Customization and layout design services available before installation.


as350 rivets

composite repair

Large Window

Fwd Belly Cowl



Heliproducts Industries Ltd. can customize paint to your exact specifications. CAD design of paint schemes are available prior to painting your aircraft. We use OEM approved processes including a base coat / clear coat system for maximum durability. We can match to most custom color codes, from any paint manufacture, and scan any color to match.

OEM approved refinishing system including new state of the art RGI refinishing spray booth system installed in our new North Hangar addition. We have an industry trained, full time refinishing technician on site to assist with all your paint needs.


Sequoia AS-350



12 Year Major “C” Inspections

The 12-Year Inspection effectively resets the inspection cycles to zero (0) and allows the aircraft to be completely updated by incorporating the newest available parts, modifications and compliance requirements meeting Transport Canada, EASA and Federal Aviation Administration requirements.

Having the 12-Year Inspection performed Heliproducts offers numerous advantages, not the least of which are factory trained technicians. Heliproducts offers on-site repair of composite panels, structures, avionics, components, and full paint facilities – all performed by skilled technicians using the latest tools and test equipment. Upon completion and delivery, the completed helicopter will perform and value as a new helicopter, without the price of new. Options can be made available to upgrade or renew drive components and engine(s) at time of induction.

Engine work, Component Overhaul and Major Frame Repairs are available close by at Vector Aerospace, and Turbomeca Canada. All Airbus Helicopters parts are available close by at Airbus Canada, Vancouver. Aircraft inspected and repaired at Heliproducts are returned to service in turn-key condition. Customers can expect to spend one or two days reviewing aircraft records and conducting an acceptance flight.

Scheduling a 12-Year Inspection with Heliproducts enables an operator’s maintenance staff to focus on the daily tasks of keeping in-service aircraft flight ready. Operators can count on high quality inspection and repairs with quick turnaround times due to pre-planned parts supply coordination and advanced scheduling of facility resources and personnel. Customer-requested equipment changes and upgrades can also be pre-planned.

As part of the inspection, Heliproducts can refinish with aircraft a state-of-the-art custom paint, avionics and interior. The result is an aircraft returned to service efficiently and ready for many years of continued safe, effective and cost-efficient operations. Warranty is provided on completion of the 12 Year inspection including OEM manufactures warranties, equipment manufacture warranties and Heliproducts maintenance warranties.

NOTE: Major inspection gives the helicopter a new TBO determined in the Airbus Helicopters (MSM). It must be carried out with particular care in a specialized workshop.

This task includes all operations required to carry out a structural check of the helicopter. It is aimed at giving an inspection plan detailed in a logical order. Operators may adapt it to their own means provided all the requested operations are carried out.

Preparing for the inspection includes review of:

• assemblies or equipment approaching their OTL: OTL, SLL, TBO (PRE/MSN)
• equipment requiring special verification
• modifications to be carried out
• assemblies to be drained
• anomalies reported on aircraft forms
• Carry out all previous inspections and/or maintenance operations required in the (MSM)

The major inspection interval is 144 months. The major inspection interval must be observed independently from the basic inspection interval.

At 144 months, for helicopters with a relatively low utilization rate, and in addition to the major inspection operations, it is recommended to perform the content of the basic inspection and its multiples as well as all the operations outside the inspection cycle, even if the limits do not coincide exactly, in order to start a full cycle.

The major inspection is focused on detailed monitoring if the entire aircraft. Following this inspection, the airframe is released for another 144 months of operation.


Heliproducts is your source for STC kits developed for the AS350/AS355/EC130 line of Airbus Helicopters. As Airbus Helicopters owners and maintenance providers we have developed STC kits with the owner/operator and installer/service provider in mind. Our kits will meet OEM standards for quality, installation, documentation and functionality verses other STC providers.

Full support provided directly by us – contact Heliproducts directly. To view our current STC information STC SUPPORT PAGE, please click here. For STC Information – Fill out our online Contact Us form. You may also fax, email or call in your Request.



Call for a Quote

Full detailed quotes available. We will ensure you receive a fixed quote the first time. Heliproducts will confirm all required works, additional inspection items, upgrade possibilities, airworthiness concerns, and any extra costs prior to deliver of any work quote. From time to time, an inspection of your helicopter on-site may be required to ensure we understand fully the tasks at hand. Call 1-604-465-5008.

Import / Export / Shipping

Global shipping. Air and Ground services available on request.


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Support Services

Heliproducts Industries Ltd. provides full warranty on parts, sales, and helicopters. We pride ourselves in our workmanship and agree that backing our products is of the utmost importance. Our products and services, together with your safety and our collective reputations is key to a successful mutual business cooperation and complete customer satisfaction.

Call us at 1-604-465-5008.