Heliproducts Industries completes full upgrades on this Airbus Helicopters AS355N, complete with full 12 year major inspection. The 12-Year Inspection effectively resets the inspection cycles to zero and allows the aircraft to be completely updated by incorporating all existing factory configuration changes and Transport Canada, Federal Aviation Administration, or EASA requirements.

Having the 12-Year Inspection performed at Heliproducts offers numerous advantages, including attention to all aircraft systems, equipment and controlled timing of delivery. We offer full in house capabilities and including factory trained technicians. Within our Vancouver BC region, we also have immediate access to Airbus Canada, Turbomeca Canada, Vector Aerospace, Heli-One and other cooperative OEM / MRO centers.
Operators can count on high quality inspection and repairs with quick turnaround times due to pre-planned parts supply coordination and advance scheduling of facility resources and personnel. Customer-requested equipment changes and upgrades can also be pre-planned.

The AS 355 N is a twin-engine helicopter. It is driven by two Turbomeca ARRIUS 1A engines of 520 hp each (388Kw) and is equipped with a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Control) system for easy and safe piloting. The performance of its engines makes the AS 355 N the ideal twin-engine helicopter for all transport operations over urban areas, mountains or water by day or night. Particularly light for a twin-engine aircraft, it is ideal for precision aerial work.

Cruising speed: 230km/hr (124kts)
Maximum speed: 278 km/hr (150kts)
Sliding or removable door
Maximum load: 1163 kg
Maximum cargo swing load: 1134 kg

Transport: pilot + 6 passengers (+ luggage space)
Film: pilot + cameraman + 2 passengers
Photo: pilot + photographer + 2 passengers
Lifting: pilot + 1 crew member
Cargo: pilot + 3m³ of in-cabin loading.

12 Year Major Inspection process as follows:

1. Complete full airworthiness review of entire aircraft. Confirm status, operation and condition of all components, engines, and equipment.

2. Complete new delivery equipment list, STCs, and modifications list. Complete new delivery Avionics layout and Paint Scheme.

3. Complete quotes, budgets and production schedule.

4. Aircraft to each Heliproducts department for the required inspections, repairs, modifications, upgrades, and final assembly.

5. Schedule completion flights, documentation update, import / export requirements as required.

6. Customer Delivery.

Example New Heliproducts Avionics Layout and Design, Airbus Helicopters AS355N.

Full Example CAD design and engineering services.

Avionics Systems

Example Avionics Layout. Heliproducts File Photo.

Avionics Layout

Example New Heliproducts Paint Layout and Design.

Example Full CAD Paint Scheme design services.

Structures Modifications to AS355N

Customer requirement for upgrade to Pilot and Copilot Energy Absorbing Seats SB 25.00.08 with seat 1591718-20

AS355N Energy Absorbing Seat Mod

Full time Paint services. Paint and Clear Coat of Main Transmission deck to ensure clean service life of deck.

AS355 Transmission Deck Paint2

Airbus Helicopters AS355N 12 Year

After Structures Mods, complete repaint on interior floor.


Complete All 12 Year Composite and Airframe inspections and repairs.

Full Structures and Composite repair services.


AS355N build up

Reassembly with 12 Year Major Inspection

AS355N build up2

AS355N Canopy Reinstall

AS355N Build up3

AS355N P2 and Flight Controls

355N Airframe Primed

Full Composite repair and modifications including the ECL large Vertical reference window with mid cowl splice. Texture paint finish on interior.

ECL LL Window Mid Cowl

Component inspection, and refinishing.


355N Red

PPG Aerospace Paint

Heavy Maintenance, Repair, Assembly.

PPG Aerospace Red

AS355 12 Year Major Inspection


AS355N Oil System

Arrius1A engine install

AS355N Drive Assembly

AS355n Gauges

Arrius installing

2001 AS355N

Arrius 1A installing


AS355N Arrius 1A

AS355N Airbus Helicopters

Heliproducts AS355xt LED Lighting Kit

LED Landing Taxi

AS355N ground wheels


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