Airbus Helicopters AS350BA. Utility Configuration.
$ 250,000 USD No Engine. Helicopter can be flown prior to Engine Removal.
Canadian Registered, in Operation.
Turbomeca Arriel 1B
Squirrel Cheeks LH and RH. Tech Tool Windows, Collective Guard, FDC Engine Inlet Filter, Concorde Battery, Cargo Swing with Digital Load Cell, Vertical Ref Window, Remote Tq indicator, Bear Paws, Airframe Fuel Filter. Dart Flight Steps, Dart Maintenance Steps, ECL Cargo Mirror.
SL40, KT76A, GPS 296, Skytrac System, TFM138B, AMS44, 406AF-H ELT
Additional Equipment
AVA 350A31-0030-05
MR Blades 355A11-0020-11
Starflex 350A31-1918-00
Sleeves 350A31-1850-02 and 03
MR Shaft Assy 350A37-0003-05
Rotor Shaft 350A37-1076-10
MGB 350A32-0300-05
Epicyclic 350A32-0100-10
CrossBeam 350A38-0211-00
TRB 355A12-0040-14
Spider Assy 350A33-2030-00
TR Driveshaft 350A34-0210-05
TGB 350A33-0200-05
Servo AC67244, 67247, 67032
Inspection Status
Flight Test available from our facility. Will Sell as Partial machine after Test Flight.
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