Heliproducts is your source for STC kits developed for the AS350/AS355/EC130 line of Airbus Helicopters. As Airbus Helicopters owners and maintenance providers we have developed STC kits with the owner/operator and installer/service provider in mind. Our kits will meet OEM standards for quality, installation, documentation and functionality verses other STC providers. Full support provided directly by us – contact Heliproducts directly. To view our current STC information STC SUPPORT PAGE, please click here. For STC Information – Fill out our online Contact Us form. You may also fax, email or call in your Request.


Maintenance and Overhauls

Our experience draws from all aspects of the industry including operations in the field, modifications, repair and sales of parts and complete helicopters. Our factory trained technicians are experienced in Airbus Helicopters, Bell, MD, Sikorsky, and Agusta helicopters with experience in the Airbus Helicopters Astar dating back to 1980. Our industry operational experience includes logging, mining, fire fighting, camera and film, construction, spray and seeding, etc. Focusing on the Airbus Helicopters product lines, Heliproducts can prove valuable in all areas of maintenance, overhaul, repair, purchasing and sales. Having worked directly in the field with these aircraft gives the company an understanding outside of the “Hangar”. We understand the level of quality, reliability, and operational costs as well as the specific management approach required to sustain profitability within the helicopter market.

Airbus Helicopters Sales and Leasing

Heliproducts Industries Ltd., from time to time, may also have available a customer spec. Airbus Helicopters AS350SD2 for sale, lease, lease-to-purchase, or trade in exchange for your current AS350. To view our current helicopters for sale, please click here.

Contact Us

Heliproducts operates from building #350, in the SW corner of the Pitt Meadows Airport ( CYPK ) in British Columbia, Canada. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our AS350 Conversions and Upgrades. Contact Mark Steen at (604) 465-5008, or feel free to email him anytime at

Heliproducts Industries Ltd. is a Vancouver-based Transport Canada Approved AMO 83-05 specializing in conversions and upgrades for the Airbus Helicopters AS350. Heliproducts also provides complete helicopter sales or custom lease purchase and lease-to-own services along with maintenance services and helicopter management services. Our experience includes operations, field maintenance, overhaul, pre purchase, helicopter rebuild / completions and inventory management.

Now in production at our facility in Pitt Meadows are conversions and upgrades for the Airbus Helicopters AS350, including the AS350SD-2 helicopter. This FAA and Transport Canada Approved STC converts the AS350B2 replacing the Turbomeca Arriel 1D1 with the Honeywell LTS 101-700D2 engine. Improvements and additions to the helicopter may include a complete refurbishment beginning with a 12 year inspection, rework of all parts and components, avionics modifications, STC installations and new paint. Benefits of this conversion include lower fuel consumption, on-condition engine inspection program, 1800 hr. hot section inspection, new 15,000 cycle Gp turbine, lowest up front engine costs, standard industry warranty and available Power by the Hour or HSP.

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