AS350BA Helicopter – Available with Arriel 1B or Honeywell LTS101-600A3A.

Immediate Availability.

The Soloy AS350 SD1 kit is based on the original AS350BA model helicopter. This conversion utilizes all original Eurocopter AS350BA drive train components and is FAA certified to be installed under the under Soloy STC’s SR00805SE into AS350BA model helicopters. The Soloy conversion kit includes installation documentation, all required Eurocopter parts, Soloy exclusive parts and Honeywell LTS101-600A-3A engine. The advantage of the “SD1” over the “Super D” is the use of the exclusive Soloy drive train components allowing future capability to upgrade to “SD2” with minimal impact to configuration.

• Fresh 1800 HR completed.
• LTS 101-600A3A
• Hi Vis MR Blades
• Modifications/Conversions
• High Gear. FDC Engine Inlet Filter.
• New style 0040-14 TR Blade.
• Upgraded components.
• Avionics/Radios
• AMS43 ICS. TFM 138B FM Radio. SL 40 VHF. KT 76A.
• Skytrac Sat tracker / Phone / Dialer.
• Attitude and DG. 406H ELT. Garmin 296 GPS.
• Additional Equipment
• Tanis Pre Heat. A/F Fuel Filter. New Style Collective and Cyclic.
• Rear Shoulder Harness Seat Belts.
• Hook FP. Bear Paws. Vert Ref Window.

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Soloy SD1 STC Kit


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