The enlarged vertical reference window is the largest vertical reference window available on the market for AS350 aircraft. For long lining operations the larger window permits you to see loads closer to the aircraft allowing operation with shorter lines, resulting in enhanced operating versatility and safety. Increases visibility for long lining.

Technical Information

Mass (kg) 2.8
Moment Arm (m) 1.71
Approvals Canada
Material Acrylic windows (belly and floor); aluminum sheet metal floor reinforcement; composite (rework of belly panels)
Part Number 350-201154
Retrofit Information TCCA# SH06-12Supplied by Airbus Helicopters Canada
Retrofit can be performed at customer’s facility


  • Rework of floor and composite belly panels required. Additional work for Sicma Energy Seats.
  • Extensive Composite work, lay-ups, vacuum system required.
  • Possibly compatible with the RH Sliding Door, with approval drawing.
  • Refinish inside and out to match.

Vert Ref B3


Large Window

Window Outer Panel

Landing Light


Fwd Belly Cowl


Vert Ref Window



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