Founded in 2001, Heliproducts is a Vancouver based Transport Canada, FAA 135 MIP and EASA 145.7216 approved AMO 83-05 specializing in helicopter sales, support, and leasing worldwide.

In 2014 Heliproducts added STC Manufacturing to its business, with new STC kits being added for the Airbus Helicopters AS350 and AS355 series helicopters.

Heliproducts provides complete helicopter sales, or custom lease purchase and lease to own services along with maintenance services, and helicopter management services. Our experience includes operations, field maintenance, overhaul, pre purchase, helicopter rebuild / completions and inventory management.

Heliproducts is located at the Pitt Meadows regional airport CYPK, 40 minutes east of Vancouver. Within the greater Vancouver region we are fortunate to neighbor a vast resource of additional helicopter specific facilities dedicated to the international helicopter support. We can provide direct access and consulting in cooperation with the following companies, for your convenience.

Local access to:

• Airbus Helicopters Vancouver –  new parts distribution.
• Vector Aerospace – AH component overhaul, Level D repair, Turbomeca Engines Level 4.
• Turbomeca Canada – Engine Level 2 -3
• Helione  – AH component overhaul, Turbomeca Engines Level 4.
• Standard Aero – RR Engine Overhaul.
• Heliwelders
• Airborne Engines
• Transport Canada, Pacific Region

Company Vision

We aim to provide customers with products to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We continuously promote innovation, added value, quality improvement, personal service and ethical business practices.


The business capital of British Columbia and centre of the largest metropolitan area in Western Canada, the City of Vancouver offers a rare combination of beauty, culture and commerce. Few cities boast such a spectacular setting or provide a more varied and stimulating environment in which to live and work.

International trade has been the mainstay of the City’s economy for almost a century. Vancouver’s harbour has the largest container port in Western Canada. Directly served by Canada’s two transcontinental railways and one of the largest railroads in the US, the city continues to benefit from Pacific Rim trade. The City’s strong commercial sector occupies over 25 million square feet of office space and a similar amount of retail and industrial space.

Take a 3D Tour of our Shop

Take a 3D Tour of our shop at the Pitt Meadows regional airport (CYPK). Please click here to view the tour or click on the image below.

3D Shop Tour

Helicopter Lease and Lease Purchase

Heliproducts Industries Ltd is a well-established, privately held, highly competitive company in the global helicopter industry. We provide  pre-owned helicopters for sale or lease including in house full completion and customization capability including paint, structures, avionics, maintenance and import / export and shipping.

Operating leases are a form of ‘off-balance-sheet’ asset financing. Many organisations prefer to keep assets off their balance sheet in order to keep their overall debt-to-equity ratios low, but there are many other practical benefits:

Low down payment – Leasing contracts include lower down payments than normally required with debt financing. You simply pay a fixed monthly ‘rental’ for the term of the lease and hand the helicopter back at the end of the term.

No residual value risk – With an operating lease we take on  the risk associated with the residual value of the helicopter at the end of the lease.

No balloon payment – under the terms of debt financing there is often a large ‘balloon payment’ at the end of the loan. With leasing there is no balloon payment. The lease payments just stop at the end of the lease.

Flexible use of assets – We arrange short or long-term leases according to your needs, further reducing the risk profile of your financing strategy. The lease rates payable depend on the equipment chosen and the length of the lease.

Access to the latest technology –  you benefit from the advance commitment we have made to complete a customized Airbus Helicopter. As owners and a full service Transport Canada, FAA, EASA approved AMO we fully understand and fully support our helicopters. You receive custom 24/7 support. We customize the helicopter for your requirements, not the OEM’s manufacturing requirements.

We specialize in the Airbus Helicopters series, and have delivered our helicopters worldwide. Call us for more information.


We are a full service Avionics facility, including a dealer for many Radio and Equipment OEM’s. Full installation, design, CAD concept layouts,  CAD diagrams.

HAC 2015 Avionics department front web

We offer full Maintenance services, holding approvals from Transport Canada, FAA and EASA.

HAC 2015 Maintenece department front web

Full time Paint services using the OEM recommended processes.

HAC 2015 paint department front web

We offer full Completion services including new and used.

HAC 2015 completions department front web

Manufacturing of Aeronautical products under our Transport Canada approval 83-05.

HAC 2015 Lighting department front web

We offer full Structures and Composite repair, upgrades, and  installations.

HAC 2015 structures department front web

Full Component Repair for AS350 and AS355. 12 Year and 6 Year Corrosion Inspections. Disassembly, Quote and Repair.

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