12 Year and 6 Year Inspection checks for Airbus Helicopters AS350, AS355

When applicable – Aircraft shipping – customs – brokerage – freight charges – fly in -arrival check – test flight – powercheck – oil soap – vib check – track and balance – systems / avionics function test – snags/ squaks
review of complete helicopter / quote for standard work / quote for additional work / new equipment required / changes to the equipment / STC’s / mods / upgrades 
review of aircraft logs. flight logs, airframe component cards, engine logs. correct TTAF, cycles, Ng, Np, Hook, Landings
over limits check VEMD, or HUMS, or FDM
confirm current status of and up to date – Airworthiness Directives, Mod Status, Service Bulletins, TU’s, 
STC installations current, ICA’s, STC inspections to be carried out – confirm current revisions of all documents
Electrical drawings for all systems
Weight and Balance and equipment list records
Current paint codes as required
PLEASE REVIEW -the OEM criteria is supplied by Airbus Helicopters Maintenance Manuals and Master Servicing. Most systems, equipment, structure is removed for the inspection as it relates to the airframe.
MSM – 05-24-02
MSM – front matters – breakdown of the MSM
AMM – Calendar Inspections -05-60-00, 6-1
At 144 months, for helicopters with a relatively low utilization rate, and in addition to the major inspection operations, it is recommended to perform the content of the basic inspection and its multiples as well as all the operations outside the inspection cycle, even if the limits do not coincide exactly, in order to start a full cycle.
  • Major inspection gives the helicopter a new TBO determined in the MSM . It must be carried out with particular care in a specialized workshop.
  • This task includes all operations required to carry out a structural check of the helicopter. It is aimed at giving an inspection plan detailed in a logical order. Operators may adapt it to their own means provided all the requested operations are carried out.
12 year items – for as new condition helicopter
full structures review and repair. Key areas: canopy, windows, composites, metal cowls, crack inspection, corrosion, de-lams, mechanical damage, prior repairs, major mods, applicability of systems and approvals prior to import or export. (Country specific requirements )
Tailboom ring. Xmsn deck. Cabin floor, floor edging, xframe mod, fins for cracking / smoking rivets, sliding door mods and track condition, doors including function and hinges, driveshaft covers.
Composites review of all conditions and repair quotes. Canopy removal for full sanding and reinforcement of door post area if required. Floor attached area. Fwd nose light can be removed and lower intermediate cowls modified. On composite panels Foam core basically melts or shrinks inside over time and delaminates. Honeycomb Core get crushed and delams.
MR and TR Blade condition – rubber poly under the surface paint must be intact. Leading edge abrasion and de-bond to be checked. Last repairs?
Engine – to OEM. Calendar items ? Cycle items coming due ? TU’s updated ? Trend Monitor data ? Soaps ? Dust environment ?
Components – overhauled within 24 yrs ? Condition since last 12 yr.  Last 6yr complete corrosion complete and noted on hard cards per ATA60.
AVA 6yr 3000hr, LG Dampers 5400hr, Mast 6yr, MR SP Bearing, Cross beam check, TR Spider Brg, TR DS Brg, Hyd Brg. – ALL Have Calendar and some Hourly.
Landing Gear condition, skids and cross tubes. Cross tubes normally fail inspection for corrosion. Worn rubber at attachment allow corrosion. Normally deep pitting found.
Skid tube bottoms worn ? Normally the skid shoe has a hole, and then wears into tube.
Replacement of interior ? Removal – repaint of interior – floor – rear – upper – instrument panel.
Complete re-wire or re-wire of Nav / Com or changes. 25 Mz Digital FM, ADS-B, backup Comm, Collision avoidance, and upgrades Etc.
Cabin sand and paint ? Seats ? Airframe sand and paint ? Complete exterior paint ? Structures repairs if required ? Sima Seats have inspections in CMM.
Cabin Flooring – floor edging. Seat cushions or covers.
All windshields and door glass ?
Seat belts re-web ? Calendar limit or inspection required ?
Control systems are completed removed and inspected. Thus painting of the entire equipment should be completed. Be AWARE unpainted control tubes may not pass the 12 year corrosion inspection. Pitting is common. Expensive replacement if many tubes U/S.
Any oil or calendar hydraulic lines replaced.
All filters to be replaced.
Rubber seals, window seals, doors seals, cowl seals, firewall seals ?
Confirm firewall for condition ?
STC equipment – inspection and or repairs to be completed.
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